Episode 20 of Tales from the Cartridge! What would you do if you found out your kind was the next big food craze? Well, for Abe, that's exactly his problem! Come join us as we jump into this odd world as Abe journey's to help save his people! 


This episode was originally recorded for the First Encounter Podcast! The hosts, Chris and Haney, have an amazing podcast based around Final Fantasy7! It focuses on the perspectives of one host (Chris) who loves the game and the other (Haney) who is experiencing it for the very first time! You can check them out by clicking on this link! https://www.firstencounterpodcast.com/


As always, send us your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives and we'll read them on the show! Comment on our social media posts, DM us, or email us to: tal3sfromth3cartridg3@gmail.com

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